GRAPHICS - From Business Card to Billboard

We create bespoke graphical solutions for you. Stand out from the competition! We are creative, original, fast and precise.
1.    Graphic manuals
    Logos and logotypes
    Corporate presentation
    Catalogues, menus
    Business cards
8.    Invitation card
9.    Thank you cards
  Props on the tables
  Billboards, bigboards
  PVC sheets

1.    Graphic manuals - a guideline how to deal with: e.g. a company logo, headed paper, corporate presentations, etc. Our manuals have the classic pattern consisting predominantly of: Color and black and white appearance of the brand, Brand draft, Protective zone and the recommended minimum size of the brand, Protective zone and recommended minimum segment size, Brand on the underlying surface, Brand on the underlying surface - photo, Forbidden modification of the brand, Font and color. Of course there is the example of use in specific situations or for specific products.

2.    Logos and logotypes - our logos are easy to remember, creative and simple.

3.    Corporate presentation – we‘ll create a template for your business presentations. The output is an elegant design; thanks to it your employees will represent your company well.

4.    Website - we specialize on websites for individuals and small businesses. Well, cheaply and quickly.

5.    Catalogues, menus - beautiful, elegant, clean, inviting to buy.

6.    Business cards - an impressive business card with an original design for companies and private persons. Do not limit the minimum amount, you can order only twenty pieces, for example. However, the more you order, the less you pay for one piece. Business cards are made with size of 90 x 50 mm (standard format) and 85 x 55 mm (EURO format) with the possibility of languages, etc.

7.    Letterhead - Even today, when 90% of communication with clients takes place via e-mail, you must have two types of letterhead paper (plain, special) prepared. Headed paper you present outwardly, makes a good impression and invokes a feeling that you "must" be a big company ...

8.    Invitation card – We will prepare for you the invitation card for openings, first nights, weddings, receptions, parties or even birthday parties. We try to create the design so that it testifies the host personality, the activity character and of course the lure to visit your event, as much as possible.

9.    Thank you cards – The best way how to gracefully thank your business partners for cooperation, business meeting or invitation for tennis.

10.  Leaflets - all kinds, colours and sizes.

11.  Posters – We‘ll produce a poster, you will never forget. We prepare the posters for cultural events, especially exhibitions and concerts.

12.  Labels - We make a design of the labels for your products. From the stickers on packaged bread to the label on the crate with rockets.

13.  Props on the tables - props are very popular among innkeepers, because the customer has eyes on the top restaurateur’s products all the time and therefore it is more likely that he actually orders it. After the introduction of our props into concrete restaurants the sales of advertised products increased by 60%.

14.  Advertisements – You should not save on graphic design either. You create it to be seen by as many people as possible. No matter, whether you are selling something or looking the other hand, you always show many things like your design, taste, courage, mood, grammar. For the prospective buyer or eventual employees it may be the first acquaintance with the company and it must act so that it is not the last one.

15.  Billboards, bigboards – Do you really want to be seen? Take advantage of our graphic services and we will process the graphic design of your new billboard or big boards and you will sale more products.

16.  PVC sheets – This is an effective solution for those who do not want to overspend. They are well visible and less expensive than a billboard. Sheets can be mounted inside or outside the building. We print on high quality materials, Czech and international production.