We shoot documentaries and short feature films. We provide full service. From the first point in a theme to the final tape. We’ll shoot almost anything for you - on land, in water and in air. We have a team of professionals, people working together for several years - right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Our projects have been seen at festivals, some are in distribution. Nowadays we shoot a documentary about the archaeological research in the Lower Square in Olomouc. The film should be finished in June 2012. We prefer the SONY cameras.

Some of our projects (direction or production):

• The Lower Square Secrets (CR 2012, 31 minutes)
Documentary about the archaeological research at Lower Square in Olomouc, CR

DVD includes English subtitles and bonus material.

On One Saturday (CR 2009, 18 minutes)  - special pages in Czech

EVA (CR 2007, 12 minutes)
- special pages in Czech

A Dog and a Girl (CR 2007, 7 minutes, color)

Coal street – Mill street (CR 2006, 20 minutes, color)

With its rich history and large collection of cultural monuments Olomouc has always attracted writers, artists, and even film-makers. The approximately 20-minute long documentary by Petr Sojka and Jan Weinberg acquaints viewers with archaeological research at the Coal street – Mill street site. Archaeologist Mgr. Richard Zatloukal of the National Monument Institute in Olomouc accompanies us on a tour of the history of the city.

DVD includes English subtitles and bonus material.

Cuba - "Liberty Island" (CR 2004, 90 minutes, color)

International Exhibition of exotic birds, Exota Olomouc 2003, First International Congress on the 10th - 12th October 2003 (CR 2004, 70 minutes, color)