Petr Sojka was born in Olomouc in 1988 (former Czechoslovakia, from 1993 the Czech Republic, which is part of the EU).

He has been engaged in photography since his childhood, he took the first photo in Italy in 1993. In 2005, he and his friend J. Weinberg (1989) opened their first individual exhibition "Magical Olomouc"at the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc. Other exhibitions were not long in coming. To name a few: individual exhibition 8766: The Four Seasons (Chateau Namest na Hane, Chateau Gallery, July 2006) or a joint exhibition of photographers - From the Source (Crypt St. Vaclav, Olomouc, 2006). Peter is a photographer of architecture and people in their natural environment.

After 2003, Peter worked as a cameraman at the Children's Television and from 2006 to 2009 he was a regional director. First, with V. Valentova and later without her. Peter has been shooting documentary films and has been directing and producing short films since 2003. He has participated in internships in the theatres in Prague and Olomouc. For his personal development he has considered the most important the internship with the Polish film and theatre director nominated for OSCAR, Andrzej Celiński(2007). Some films have been shown at festivals or in distribution.

In 2008 he enrolled at the Law Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc and has been studying the law. He won his first election in June 2011 and represents law students at the "big" University Academic Senate. His term ends in 2013.

During the last three years, Peter worked as a business manager or PR manager for three joint-stock companies.

Peter and his team takes photographs, makes films, creates graphics and public relations solutions. His view of the work may be given as follows: "The originality, quality, professional attitude and satisfaction of our clients are important for us. Our customer, our master."